Home Top News Baden air balls from Karlsruhe hit the top of the table

Baden air balls from Karlsruhe hit the top of the table

Baden air balls from Karlsruhe hit the top of the table

2. Volleyball Bundesliga

The eagerly awaited first match of the second German Volleyball League came to an unexpected end. Karlsruhe Baden Volleys had a creamy evening against TSV Mimmenhausen. We are already looking forward to the next highlight.

The successful Karlsruhe team: The Karlsruhe team in Karlsruhe has continued its winning streak, the previous leader was TSV Meimenhausen and is now at the top of the second division.

Photo: Helge Prang GES / Helge Prang

With one match almost like one piece, SSC Karlsruhe’s Baden-Volles balls stormed to the top of the table in the Volleyball League Two. “It was a really good match”, said Folez coach Antonio Bonelli, after the unexpected 3-0 result (25:19, 25:23, 25:16) in Saturday night’s first game against former leaders TSV Meimenhausen.

“Tactically we were well prepared and the plan worked,” said striker Lucas Jaeger, who had a real shooting competition with teammate and captain Jens Sandmeier in the third set – again and again excellently dispatched by passer Fabian Schmidt. The guests around former national player Christian Bample had already given up at this point due to the crushing power of Karlsruhe that evening.

Sixth match Sixth win

The aerial balls, which celebrated their sixth victory in the sixth inning, had lost their tactical thread and play only once – regional rivals from Lake Constance used them immediately in the second set to achieve a short mid-high. Turning the TSV deficit 6:8 into an 11:8 lead, Mimmenhausen looked like he’d pulled the match over to his side at this point. But the shells quickly returned to their course and at the end of the corridor above it.

“That was the gist of it, we closed the sentence,” Lauren Deere later said. Karlsruhe finally pulled the tooth out of Meimenhausen early in the third set, when every long rally ended with a point for Karlsruhe at the start. “This is exhausting the team,” said Bonelli, who has hired his team to perfection.

Not only did the flutter info cause problems for TSV at the start of the first set, the block defense worked great, and the special attack was as variable as it was powerful – Pampel & Co. rarely flopped.

We managed to prevent it to some extent.

Lauren Deere, middle volleyball

Der said with a satisfied smile of the 42-year-old Meimenhausen, who was seldom a factor in this and was even occasionally stymied by volleys, who managed to stop him pretty much everything in the third round. “I just ran there,” Deere said.

We have done very well on the service,” said Johannes Mahl, describing the recipe for success. The liberos in Karlsruhe are now hoping to repeat such a feat next Saturday: on November 6 (6pm), German Premier League side United Voles Frankfurt will visit Karlsruhe OHG Sports Hall for the Round of 16 of the DVV Cup. Not only is Derr “really” to annoy a favorite with as much sensitivity as possible.

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