Home Top News Bad start to the season: Why is it that so far R.P. Not working at Leipzig

Bad start to the season: Why is it that so far R.P. Not working at Leipzig

Bad start to the season: Why is it that so far R.P.  Not working at Leipzig

Manchester 3: 6! The Red Bulls land in Manchester with flying colors. The attack, directed by the brilliant Frenchman Christopher Enkung, works better than expected, with the defense open like a saxon-orthodox corduroy with a zipper. 3: 6, (burning) A decision like tennis on a red tree. No other sets or tiebreaks followed at Etihad Stadium. 3: 6, not for the fainting of the heart.


Mindslof: “We must not panic”

Three times R.P. Until then, it is important to change the course of action against RP in many ways. During the 2014/2015 season, BVB and Jürgen Klopp enjoyed brilliantly hired teams and talented coaches going down bad water. The most decorated Dortmund left the points in a grotesque way and finished 18th (!) Keeping themselves seventh after the opening round. Then Globe climbed on Anfield Road.

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Festival of Mistakes and Defects: RB Leipzig landed 3: 6 in a thrilling match in Manchester.


Departure: After a game that was fantastic for neutral spectators and cruel for coaches, Manchester – Leipzig boarded a night flight home. The RB tour group arrived home around 4 a.m. Thursday. They trained at 4 p.m. The game begins. 1. FC Köln Saturday, 6.30pm. One after the other under Cologne coach Stephen Palmcord delivers the event in a full throttle. Let’s put it this way: grass balls have already found themselves in very comfortable conditions. Oliver Mindsloff, RP boss at Manchester Airport, said: “We must not panic, we must face it in Cologne: it means: in every fast fight, in every sprint fight. Points will work too.

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Five reasons: That’s why (still) not working

First: New game, no new luck yet. New coach Jesse Marsh wants it straight, fast and vertically towards the penalty area. This style differs fundamentally from the approach of the last two seasons, when Julian Knucklesman held the ball in the spirit of Pep Cardiola, preparing the opponent and always thinking about the rest of the famous defense. The balance is not right at this time, nor are the intervals between parts of the team. Considering the moderate sprinting ability of the attacking forces, the question arises as to whether the lightning speed shift and the above play have not already come against the athletic limits. Andre Silva is not a Timo Werner.

Second: New players, old players, create weaknesses. The inevitable departure of Diod Upamekano is overweight, a man’s dynamic bear actually ate his enemies, causing question marks in the attackers’ heads. Should I go to a quick fight with this person? Does dripping make sense? Or do I want to let the ball bounce and score next week? Uba had natural power, which was very restrained from the beginning. Mohamed Simakhan has great approaches, but this is not yet a submagano. No wonder RB wants to get Maxence Lacroix. The news has come that Marcel Sabitzer is good for every team. This separation pains will abruptly subside when the Elixir beats like the Moriba Niskans 911. To make matters worse, men like Angelino or Dominic Sophosloy are a bit far from their ideal form.

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Third: Jean-Paul Sartre already knew that the presence of the enemy complicates one’s own actions and paths to happiness. The Bavarians have recently been particularly disturbed in this regard, and the citizens are no less. Looking at the footballers Pep Cardiola later saved reveals just how incredibly occupied Manchester City are. Rahim Sterling, Ilke Kundokan, Bill Foden et al. All world class, all upper class. Manchester is well rehearsed, has 34 tournament plans and can float on the carpet at any time.

Fourth: At first they had no luck, then they had bad luck. Absolutely little luck in this match was bid farewell to the first Leipzig game in Mainz, which has not been seen since. Kevin Compline penalty against Bayern. Thomas Mல்லller’s non-penalty kick in the same game. Lucas Closterman scored from the penalty spot in Manchester. In the same game the untouched city copes against Nkunku. Silva’s goal against Bayern, which was not given due to three and a half centimeters off side. Lost draw games in Mains and Wolfsburg. Fortune can be forced, they say. Let’s go.

Fifth: Personal Mistakes, Rough: No coach or organization in the world can do anything for the dropouts provided by the kicking staff. In this topic, RB is forward. Nordi Mugiel put the Mains train on track through an archway and went 2-0 to Manchester. The brilliant Peter Gulasi would not have conceded 0: 1 in Wolfsburg or 0: 1 in Manchester. Tyler Adams left this world before 4-2 Manchester.

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A hit in the cologne will direct the light into the cellar.


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