Home Top News Anthony Davis plays match 6 despite having a thigh problem

Anthony Davis plays match 6 despite having a thigh problem

Anthony Davis plays match 6 despite having a thigh problem

Anthony Davis was injured in the thigh in Game 4, the disaster in the match after that, the striker was missing. The Lakers’ season was now halted by a thread, and Davis was able to start in Game Six on Friday night – but had to leave the field injured again a few minutes later.

Shams Al Shaaraniyah (the athlete) a few hours before Tip-Off announced that the 28-year-old was planning to play for the Lakers in the Elimination Game, provided there were no warm-up issues. According to Chris Hines (Yahoo Sports) AD was approved by the team’s physicians shortly thereafter.

Shortly before the match began, the Lakers officially announced that Davis would start in Game Six against The Sun. Marc Gasol also moved into the starting line-up, with the Spaniard replacing Andre Drummond. However, Davis had to leave the court after five and a half minutes of intense pain, and his return was at first in doubt.

As Hines previously stated, Davis wanted to play again in Game 5, which the Lakers lost 85-115. The power forward seemed to spur a mission, but LeBron James frustrated AD and encouraged Davis not to come back too soon. James once suffered a similar injury.

Despite this, Davis completed two exercises before Game Five, but was barely moving sideways or was in pain. It wasn’t clear at first if that would be enough for Game 6. Vogel has stayed out of the limelight during his media tour, but has often said, “He’s doing everything he can so he can make a comeback.”

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For the Lakers, Friday night’s game at 4.30 a.m. German time is of great significance. The current Series Champion is with the Phoenix Suns by 2-3, so the Lakers have to win the next two games so they don’t have to give up in the first round.

Suns vs Lakers: Series Games – Platform: 3: 2

Game Date time house, house far calendar
1 23. May 9:30 PM suns Lakers 99:90
2 26. May it’s 4 o clock suns Lakers 102: 109
3 28. May it’s 4 o clock Lakers suns 109: 95
4 30. May 9:30 PM Lakers suns 92: 100
5 2. June it’s 4 o clock suns Lakers 115: 85
6 4. June 4.30 am Lakers suns
7 * 6. June Damn suns Lakers


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