Home Tech Android Auto: New multitasking interface is coming – Google tests New design, new background (Gallery)

Android Auto: New multitasking interface is coming – Google tests New design, new background (Gallery)

Android Auto: New multitasking interface is coming – Google tests New design, new background (Gallery)

Google’s information and entertainment platform Android Auto It seems to be missing a new design on all devices, because after updating the Google Assistant Driving Mode, a new surface for the car variant has now appeared. This seems to focus on multitasking, so users no longer have to leave navigation where possible, and can use several apps at the same time on smaller screens.

Robot design new cars

The new design of Google Assistant Driving Mode came out just a few days ago, and an app similar to Android Auto has now been spotted on the car’s display. They are being developed under the codename “Coolwalk” and so far can only be activated through deep intrusions into the system as part of the decompilation process. You can see it on the surface with some bugs – above all half transparency and hidden navigation in Google Maps.

The new interface provides an additional button that divides the screen into three parts. 2/3 of the screen is filled by Google Maps navigation and the other third has to be shared by two other apps that can be used in parallel. In the screenshots there is a media player as well as incoming notifications. There’s probably no need for more in-car multitasking, so all three apps are enough.

You can see what this new split interface looks like in the following screenshots. By comparison, you can see in the screenshot above how this multitasking has been demonstrated on larger screens thus far. There is still a lot to be done, and it will likely be a few more weeks before it appears in beta for the first time. Probably in the context of Android 12 rollout at the beginning of October.

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android auto coolwalk design 1

design android auto coolwalk 2

android auto coolwalk 3 design

design android auto coolwalk 4

android auto coolwalk design settings

android auto coolwalk design wallpaper

New wallpapers
In addition to the new interface, there will be three new background images that users can choose from. These are called Drizzle, Spoke, and Twilight. You can see how this looks in the screenshot above. You’ll stay true to the dark style and won’t be able to set lighter photos or select your own from smartphone gallery. After all, “Twilight” looks relatively lively.

It cannot be said if and when this new deck will be rolled out based on the current situation.

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