An expensive problem with China

Impressive, but only a few kilometers away: the Chinese highway leads into Montenegro over a high bridge near Podgorica.
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Montenegro has a small stretch of highway that no one can drive on. And an expensive problem with China.

cCharming, eloquent, emotional, sometimes loud: Dritan Abazovich is not one of those people who are easy to forget. The voice of the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro fills the entire office, also due to the fact that Abazovic’s office is very small. Like almost everything in Montenegro. The capital, Podgorica, has a population of barely 160,000, with a maximum of 650,000 people living throughout the country.

Michael Martins

Correspondent for Southeast European countries based in Vienna.

On the other hand, Montenegro has something that many other small countries do not have: a very expensive motorway. To be more precise: an expensive highway stump. From the capital, it leads to the northeast for a good 40 kilometers, then the road ends abruptly anywhere, with no exit or connection. It is nothing impressive, set in a mountain landscape, which can be described as stunning is not an exaggeration. But it’s just nothing. The highway section is closed to the public. It leads from nowhere to nowhere, and is ridiculed in Montenegro.

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