An appeal at Wenstorff: the German army’s return from Sudan – News

An appeal at Wenstorff: the German army’s return from Sudan – News

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The Sudanese returning from the German army were welcomed by Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius (SPD) today at the air base in Wunstorf near Hanover. Foreign Minister Berbock is expected to be a guest.

Federal Minister of Defence, Boris Pistorius (SPD) © picture alliance / dpa |  Kay Nietfeld's Photo: Kay Nietfeld

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius will receive emergency services.

The German military said that “the return of the main forces of the evacuation assembly is scheduled for about 5 pm in Wenstorf.” The five transport planes and their crews are scheduled to land at the air base in quick succession. The so-called returnee appeal aims to honor the performance of service by women and men. In addition to Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD), the Inspector General of the Bundeswehr, General Carsten Breuer, and the head of the evacuation association, Major General Dirk Faust, will also officially welcome the soldiers. Foreign Minister Annalina Berbock (Green Party) is expected to be a guest, as well as members of the Bundestag from the Foreign and Defense Committees. Access broadcasts in live broadcasts.

The German army rescues 700 people from Sudan

Emergency services have transported more than 700 people from Sudan to safety in the past few days. Fierce fighting takes place between rival military figures in the extremely impoverished country. Hundreds of people have already died, including many civilians.

Tanks, hospitals, heavy weapons: the Bundeswehr came to the ready

People get off a transport plane during a German army evacuation mission in Jordan.  © Bundeswehr Photo: Neumann

People get off a transport plane during a German army evacuation mission in Jordan.

Meanwhile, it became known that the deployment of the German Armed Forces was apparently more risky than initially assumed. The physical list shows that soldiers in Sudan have prepared for violent confrontation. how specialized media Reports and members of the NDR air base in Lower Saxony confirmed on Thursday that the German armed forces have deployed about a thousand soldiers and heavy equipment. Among them were “Weesel” tanks and armored personnel carriers. The department appears to have learned from the chaotic conditions at Kabul airport at the end of the Afghanistan mission nearly two years ago and has prepared for what the military says is a robust mission.

From Sudan to Jordan and then to Berlin

The Air Force’s Airbus A400M, based in Lunestorf in Lower Saxony, began ferrying people from Sudan to Jordan on Sunday. The Bundeswehr plane took off from the Al-Asrak area in Jordan towards Sudan and landed at an airport near the capital, Khartoum. At the end of the German rescue flights, the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs announced: “As long as other nations ensure the operation of air traffic, no further German evacuation flights from this area are planned.” She added that the Germans remaining in Sudan who had not yet been able to come to the airport would be escorted by international partners on their evacuation flights in the next few days.

People have been evacuated from many countries

In addition to about 200 Germans, the German army also brought nationals from other countries to safety, including Belgium, Great Britain, Jordan, Austria, and some African countries. “The onward journey of the evacuees of third-country nationals will be coordinated with the respective countries,” the operational command said.


Three men walk to a German army transport plane at Al-Asaq Air Force Base.  © Bundeswehr Photo: Hultgren

Fighting in Sudan between the army and the Rapid Support Forces

In Sudan, units of the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces are engaged in bitter fighting. The agreement to integrate the Rapid Support Forces into the armed forces had failed in the past. More than 420 people have been killed and 3,700 wounded in the fighting. Many ceasefire agreements have been broken.

More information

A Luftwaffe Airbus A400M transport plane is on its way to land at Wunstorf Air Base in the Hanover region.  © Moritz Frankenberg / dpa Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

8 minutes

According to Defense Minister Pistorius, the vast majority of German citizens have left. International partners could evacuate the remaining Germans. 8 minutes

An Airbus A400M transport aircraft parked at the Bundeswehr site in Wunstorf.  © dpa Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

Three A400M tankers took off on Wednesday morning. But due to the tense situation, they had to turn back. (04/19/2023) More

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