Home entertainment All That Matters: After a Plane Crash: A New Hope for Art!

All That Matters: After a Plane Crash: A New Hope for Art!

All That Matters: After a Plane Crash: A New Hope for Art!

Television Doctor. Finn Albrecht (Christopher Cohn, 36) took a trip to Angola a few weeks ago to do a good job there. His girlfriend Mallu (Lysandra Bardell, 31) encouraged him to do so, even though the two of them already wanted to enjoy the new happiness of love. She knew how much that effort was for him. But now she delivers a serious reprimand, because Finn is missing. The plane he was on crashed with no trace of him.

Has Christopher Cohn dropped out of “Everything Matters”?

Neither Mallu nor EEZ fans really want to believe that Finn is actually dead. Will AWZ favorite Christopher Cohn quietly leave after more than three years? The actor maintains a low profile appearance on Instagram. Understand, after all, it should still be sexy. Next week, there will at least be new clues about Finn’s fate.

Warning spoilers!

Mallo clings to hope that Finn may have survived and is preparing to return. While her friends are by her side, Finn’s brother Justus (Matthias Brüggenolte, 42) searches for him in Angola. Then Malu receives a call.

EEZ Preview: Is Vengo?

Jupiter explains to Mallo that Finn’s body cannot be found, but his bloody clothes cannot be found. It is believed that he may have fallen prey to predators after the crash. Mallo is in shock and doesn’t want to believe Jupiter.

Good thing, because on TVNOW you can already see that Finn is still alive! On Monday, October 11th, Finn appears in a short scene – injured but alive. Can someone save him and now wait for his family to find him?

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Find out what happened to Finn and how things will go every day at 7:05pm on RTL and anytime on TVNOW.

The cast of “All That Matters” is growing up: In the video below, you can find out more about the new face on the set of AWZ!


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