Home Economy Aldi Go: No cash registers in the new branch

Aldi Go: No cash registers in the new branch

Aldi Go: No cash registers in the new branch

In the city center of Utrecht, an Aldi Nord discount branch will open in early 2022, which does not require any cash registers. Customers only need one app and have to identify themselves with the QR code from this app when entering and leaving the store.

“Everything else is done by the sensors on the shelves and the camera technology used in the store, which records all shopping movements in the store and assigns them to the right customer,” Aldi Nord wrote in a press release.

Aldi Nord tested branches without cash

The app enables completely contactless automatic payment when you leave the branch. The customer simply leaves the shop and no longer has to stand in line. In the Aldi-Nord app, customers should be able to see their recent purchases and request a refund. It is also possible to evaluate the purchase and give an opinion. First of all, the Aldi branch without a cash register will be tested for twelve months under real conditions.

In the USA, China and Austria, there are already shops where, of course, no plowing. In the US, Amazon Go is the leader with about 30 stores. Recently, Amazon has expanded some of these convenience stores to the size of a supermarket.

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