Home entertainment Again and again on Sundays Stefan Murs: Anna clearly – ‘really tough’

Again and again on Sundays Stefan Murs: Anna clearly – ‘really tough’

Again and again on Sundays Stefan Murs: Anna clearly – ‘really tough’

“Always on Sundays” star Stefan Mross: wife Anna in plain words – “it’s hard”

Jul 11, 2021 at 7:03 am

Every Sunday: 3 facts you didn’t know yet about Stefan Murs

Every Sunday: 3 facts you didn’t know yet about Stefan Murs

Stefan Murs has been running “Always Again Sundays” since 2005. Here are three facts you didn’t know about the trumpeter and singer.

Show description

Every time on Sundays“- Mediator Stefan Mros And his wife Anna Karina Wojczak are a totally dreamy couple. When you encounter the two together, you realize how close the couple is. But every now and then, Anna Karina has to take action, as she reports at SWR Night Café.

This was especially important at the beginning of their relationship, according to the pop singer. The “Every time on Sundays“The presenter was a real workaholic.

‘Always on Sundays’: Anna Karina awakened Stefan Murus’ passion

But from the start. At the SWR Night Café on Friday evening, “Love to Roam – Finally to the World Again” was the theme. Host Michael Steinbrecher also invited Stefan Mross and Anna Karina. The reason is clear. The couple spend about 200 days a year in the caravan. So you are always on the move. But that wasn’t always the case with Stefan Gross.

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Although he often went camping as a kid. But as fame has grown, this has become less. But then Anna Karina entered his life.


This is “always on Sundays”:

  • Broadcasting “Always Again on Sundays” on ARD since 1995
  • First, the show was moderated by Max Schutzer – followed by Sebastian Dale, and, since 2005, Stefan Murs.
  • The name “Sunday Always Again” alludes to a song of the same name by Cindy and Bert
  • Pop stars and folklore are guests on the show
  • Helen Fischer and Florian Silberzen also sang with Stefan Murs


“I come from a family of a showman, I was almost born in a caravan and was always on the move,” says the singer. Further: “When I got to know Stefan, we met on tour, I first noticed how nervous Stefan is, and what tunnel vision is. You’re just on stage, and you have to work. I think I managed to awaken more passion for him again and say: Hey, There’s still life outside. We have to go to the movies, go shopping, and get rolls in the morning.”

“Always on Sundays”: the camp site is set up

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Just work, Woitschak said, it won’t work in the long run. “He just walks around and works 200 days a year and at every stage. That’s hard.”


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A point that Stefan Murs can only agree on with his wife. “It’s really floors. When I show Always Sundays, I usually go to my wife’s, or together, if Anna is on the show, at 1:30 at the camp site. Then you change your clothes and take out the trash first.”


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