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Adobe Premiere Rush: Now with native support for M1

Adobe Premiere Rush: Now with native support for M1

With Premiere Photoshop and Premiere Lightroom coming in for the past few weeks, Premiere Rush users can now look forward to a new update including native support for the M1.

Premier Rush

Update to Premier Rush It should be ready by the day at the latest and can then be downloaded and installed. The following improvements are offered:

  • Premiere Rush now supports Apple M1 computers, including recently released models such as the MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro M1, and MacMini M1.
  • New timeline context menu: You can now click a video clip on the timeline to bring up the iOS context menu. Use the context menu to split, copy, or delete a clip. Tap on a video with audio to separate the audio from the video.
  • Changes to the Reset Function: On iOS and Android, we reset colors, audio, and transforms to reset all customizations. Use the Reset function on the Desktop to reset the color adjustments.

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Premiere Pro

In parallel with Premiere Rush, Adobe has an update on Premiere Pro Submitted. Here the company offers two improvements:

  • H.264 / HEVC codec performance under Windows (Intel): New enhancements improve export times with Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration, up to 1.8 times faster than Premiere Pro 14.0.
  • Dynamic Lumetri Preview: Lumetri presets now display an image from your current sequence and thumbnails of Lumetri presets in the Effects panel to preview the preset.

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Even more interesting, however, is another post regarding Premiere Pro. The company announced that it will provide a new beta version starting today that will provide local support for the Apple M1. The trial version can be downloaded and installed directly from Adobe.

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More information at www.adobe.com

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