Adobe: Photoshop on the web should be free to use

Adobe wants to provide a free copy of the online photo-editing program Photoshop. This is what was reported by the American magazine The Verge, citing sources in the American group. It’s already testing the free version in Canada, all you need is a free account with Adobe. The software is planned to be made available as “freemium”, which means that some functions will have to be reserved for paying customers. According to Adobe, however, enough pieces of the software should go into the free version to at least set the core of Photoshop.

“We want to make Photoshop easier to use and enable people to experience the program more easily,” explains Maria Yap of Adobe. to the edge. So the goal is to enable more people to take on Photoshop and convince them to pay for the full software. It actually costs €23.79 per month, in a photo subscription with Lightroom only €11.89. The group did not say when the free version should be available worldwide. Yap also points out that no powerful PC is required for the web version. It also works on Chromebooks, among other things, which are widely used in schools in the United States.

Adobe only introduced the web version of Photoshop last fall, and Illustrator has also come online. At the time, it was said that these were simplified beta versions, but since then they have been constantly equipped with new functions and tools. Adobe has now also announced a filter for The Verge, which, thanks to AI support, should be able to recover faded and sometimes even damaged old photos.


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