BioPrepWatch (BPW) is an Internet-based newswire dedicated to global coverage of biological terror threats and activities, along with the policies, procedures, counter-measures, antidotes, and personnel dedicated to thwarting those activities.  

Since its launch in October 2009, BioPrepWatch has evolved into a go-to publication for readers in federal government security agencies, the United States Congress, state and local governments, first responders and hundreds of academic and research institutions world wide.

Each day BioPrepWatch supplies its readership with news about pivotal developments in planetary biological threats and the countermeasures employed to mitigate their impact.  In the short six year history of its existence BioPrepWatch has become a daily reference for every individual, institution and government in dozens of countries in six continents.

BioPrepWatch fills the void on news about CBRNE at a time when the affairs of man have never been more volatile.