A passenger pretending to be the ship’s doctor ruined Vacation

A sore leg ruined a British flight. The ship’s doctor sent him to the hospital on land, and now the traveler is making serious allegations.

A dream vacation ended prematurely: a cruise ship passenger was transported to the nearest hospital in a Coast Guard helicopter on the instructions of the ship’s doctor. However, against his will, because the man claims that he was not sick at all.

Britain’s Stephen Cassidy has booked a luxury cruise to the Norwegian fjords with his wife to celebrate their birthday and 40th wedding anniversary. But then everything turned out differently.

After a week of voyages, Cassidy, who had previously had hip surgery, visited the ship’s doctor. He complained of pain in his leg. The doctor assumed a serious infection in the artificial hip and prescribed intravenous antibiotics – as Cassidy later learned, at a cost of £2,400 (equivalent to about €2,789). Three days later, the doctor notified the coast guard and organized an ambulance.

claim compensation

Cassidy was flown by helicopter to a hospital in the Shetland Islands, according to the protesting company. But at the hospital, doctors found it was just a muscle strain. Two other men are taken to the hospital with Cassidy, who claims he was misdiagnosed on the plane.

Because of the unexpected helicopter trip, Cassidy was now stuck. Not only did he miss his wife’s birthday, but he also had to pay for two flights back home to Poole, UK.

He is now asking for a refund. He told the Mail on Sunday: “I didn’t feel like I had an infection – I just got pain in my leg. The doctor misdiagnosed it and it caused a lot of trouble.” Cassidy and his wife paid £3,598 to fly on the Sky Princess. Princess Cruises has not yet commented on the case in detail, but called the allegations “unfounded.”


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