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The Galaxy S20 FE is perhaps the most recommended Samsung phone right now. For the 5G variant, this still applies a bit more than the cheaper LTE model. Samsung will now replace the latter with a new version that may also bring the biggest advantage of the 5G version.

Intended is the Snapdragon 865 chipset, which Samsung has so far replaced in the 4G version of the Galaxy S20 FE with its Exynos 990. Incidentally, fate it shares with the Galaxy S20, S20 +, and S20 Ultra. In other words: the 20 FE 5G is the only device so far in the series of models with the Qualcomm chip that many users have requested. According to WinFuture, that will change soon.

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Red front view of Galaxy S20 FE 1

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
+ o2 Free M Boost 40 GB

  • Infinity-O Screen(Width of randloses 16,40 cm)

  • A camera that sees more(With 8K video footage)

  • 40 GB LTE data size (With up to 225 Mbps)

The new Galaxy S20FE is already listed

According to the report, Samsung is taking the existing LTE variant from the market and replacing it with the Snapdragon chip. This can be recognized by the “SM-G780G” model number. In Scandinavia, the manufacturer lists this version in its online stores. The only difference with the 5G model is the lack of support for the new cellular standard. If you’re willing to do without it, you can probably save a lot of money with the new Galaxy S20 FE without having to accept more concessions.

However, this is not yet certain. Lauf WinFuture has some prices in Scandinavia slightly higher than the S20 FE 5G. However, this doesn’t really make sense, and prices can be heard from € 600 for Germany. For comparison: Samsung is currently offering the current LTE version of the Galaxy S20 FE from 610 euros. So it seems difficult to change anything in the EIA – despite the upgrade of the chip.

Why makes Snapdragon 865 S20 FE better?

Samsung traditionally offers its premium smartphones in Europe with different segments than those in the United States and South Korea. While using Qualcomm SoCs there, we have mostly to be satisfied with Samsung’s Exynos processors. They are usually inferior to Qualcomm’s counterparts – in this case especially when it comes to energy efficiency and heat generation.

And in terms of performance, the Exynos 990 shouldn’t quite be able to keep up. You don’t have to worry about any of this with the new Galaxy S20 FE. The same goes for the S20 FE 5G, which is already available and likely to remain unchanged for now.

Red front view of Galaxy S20 FE 1

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
+ o2 Free M Boost 40 GB

Blue front view of Galaxy A52 1

Samsung Galaxy A52
+ BLUE Allnet L 4 GB

mtl./24 single:

19.99 euros


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