A five-year-old boy survived a python attack

A five-year-old boy survived a python attack

eA snake three meters long Australia He reportedly attacked a young boy and dragged him into the swimming pool in the yard of the house. The giant snake “suddenly” struck when little Bo was playing with his brother on the edge of the pool, radio station “9News” quoted the father as saying on Friday.

The snake grabbed the boy’s ankle and “they rolled into the pool”. The incident occurred in Byron Bay on the east coast.

The father explained that he suddenly saw a large shadow emerging from the bushes, and then everything happened very quickly: in no time, the animal wrapped itself around the boy’s leg. Bo’s 76-year-old grandfather immediately jumped in and pulled the boy out of the pool before the father could free his son from the handicap’s grip.

The little boy had a slight cut on his ankle, but he was doing well. “I think the snake was waiting for a victim, or a bird or something, and then it chose Bo,” said the father.

The family released the snake back into the bushes, but it didn’t want to leave. The father said, “The brat returned to the scene of the crime.” Australia is known for its unique and dangerous wildlife as well. Snakes are not poisonous. However, the five-year-old is treated to prevent infection from the bite.


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