• A low-carb diet is recommended for heartburn.
  • It is best to take a digestive walk after every meal and especially not to lie down right after the end of lunch or dinner.

After 50 years, nearly half of the population suffers from heartburn according to VidalIt is a French medical book For health care professionals. 10 percent of adults get it at least once a week and 2-5% once a day. So this acidity affects a large part of us. It can be defined as a feeling of bitterness or burning in the abdomen and sometimes extending to the throat. They are often accompanied by acid reflexes or coughing fits. If it becomes chronic, it reduces the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

Heartburn causes

The causes of such burns are multiple: excessive production of acidic juices in the stomach, increased pressure on the stomach in pregnant women or people who are overweight, irregular meals, fat or too large, taking certain medications, tobacco, stress and some foods. So, on a daily basis, what can or can’t you put on your plate to reduce these symptoms?

Avoid burgers, french fries and pizza

The first foods to avoid are those that are high in fat and irritate the esophagus. These include, for example, hamburgers, french fries, pizza, dishes in sauce, etc. All cooked fats are also more difficult to digest. So it is best to cook your food without fat and then add it when it is hot. To avoid heartburn, the goal is not to promote inflammation and porosity in the intestines. For this, we also limit their consumption of refined sugar found in chocolate, cake, bread, etc.

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On the liquid side, avoid sugary and carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee, and fruit juices! The latter, which is good for health, actually contains a lot of sugars, especially if they are in a hurry. But if the desire is strong, it is better to squeeze an orange and dilute it with water to reduce the amount of sugar, or to buy industrial juices called “”sugar is not added“.

Would you like some oils?

On the contrary, some foods are very beneficial for the stomach. So you can consume as much as you want without worrying about pain. Therefore, prefer in your plate fruits and vegetables, which are easier to digest if they are peeled and cooked, for example in compote or in soup.

Some oils, such as rapeseed or flaxseed, are also highly recommended, as they are naturally anti-inflammatory. This is also the case with curcumin, ginger, sprouted pumpkin seeds or fennel. The latter can also be taken in the form of herbal tea to soothe the stomach after eating. Finally, one last tip to reduce heartburn: get regular physical activity and take time to eat and chew your food well.


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