4 snacks under 100 calories

4 snacks under 100 calories

How healthy is snacking? This is what science says

How healthy or unhealthy a snack is always depends on the type and amount you eat. Although nuts are generally a healthy snack, too many little energy bombs can quickly cause problems. But how much is too much and what are especially healthy snacks? Scientists have already done extensive research on such questions in the past.

Interesting tooFattening snacks prevent you from losing weight >>

in 2016 study For example, researchers have found that about a third of the calories we consume each day come from snacking outside of solid meals. Because such snacks are usually high in calories and low in nutrients, such unhealthy snacks would greatly contribute to obesity risks. However, according to the study, eating healthy snacks with plenty of protein and fiber can improve feelings of fullness and help control appetite. This would reduce the risk of obesity.

One 2015 meta-studyIn which researchers examined the results of 15 individual studies on eating frequency and weight control frequency, and concluded that increasing the frequency of eating through regular snacks of nutrient-rich foods would have positive effects on fat burning and body fat percentage. Anyone who eats healthy snacks regularly can achieve customer follow-up.

With all the positive effects that snacks can have on our health, we must not forget that research results in this area are very mixed. There are also studies that have found no link between eating healthy snacks and losing weight or body fat percentage.


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