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23 Years of Google: A Google Doodle to Celebrate the Company’s 23rd Birthday – That’s How It All Began and Lots of Information

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Today, September 27, Google is officially celebrating its 23rd birthday and of course they changed their delicious doodle again for a not-so-completely round birthday. The company has many birthdays, but since the start of the search engine is considered the most important event, it is celebrated on September 27 every year. You can learn more about Google’s founding history in this article. Now let’s take a look at today’s doodles.

23 years google google doodle birthday

Google Doodle today has kept the company’s 23rd birthday very simple and displays a simple animation, the meaning of which I don’t want to fully understand. We see Google Letters, which appears to have been formed from a cake and has a delicious chocolate coating including colored sugar sprinkles. Below it is a two-tiered cake with a candle that flashes very quickly and 23 on top.

Only after a while the animation begins, in which the cake suddenly appears. First, two eyes and a mouth appear at the bottom of the cake, followed by an arm that suddenly appears with a large comic hand. Now the hand lifts the second layer of the cake to one side and greets the user with it. It is meant to indicate that the cake is raising its hat in salutation. It was done very well, but somehow not suitable for a birthday and cake and also not suitable for Google.

Only when we move the cursor do we see the writing “Google’s 23rd birthday”, which shows visitors what occasion the start page is decorated for today, and which in this country shows a different doodle every day since Friday. Now it’s time to cut the cake 🙂

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Google 1998

On September 27, 1998, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, gave the official green light to web search, which spread very quickly in the following months and quickly competed with the search engines created at the time. Google Inc. was founded. Already three weeks ago, on September 4, 1998. The domain was registered a year ago and has been owned by the company, which has not yet been established, since September 15, 1997.

In the past few weeks, we’ve already given you plenty of insights into the company’s history and published a number of essential stories that anyone interested can travel back two and a half decades to. If you want to shine on birthday today by knowing the origin of the name “Google”, just have a look In this article Throw.

» 23 Years of Using Google: Reviewing Google’s History, All Important Dates, Historic Recordings, and More

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