Home Top News 1. FC Cologne: Coach Marcus Kistall fired

1. FC Cologne: Coach Marcus Kistall fired

1. FC Cologne: Coach Marcus Kistall fired

Bankruptcy in the basement fight against Mines 05 was a defeat for Marcus Kistol.

To SPORT1-Nouncement, 1. FC Cole pulled out the ripcard after 2: 3 (1: 1) and fired FC coach Kistol, who had been counting for weeks. (Service: Bundesliga Results and Schedule)

Kistol was fired at the age of 1

After the heir SPORT1-Information Friedelm Fungal giving its approval in the evening for Braille sheep. Another candidate was Thorston Fink, but the FC rejected him.

Even if there had been a draw against the Mains, the days of Kistol would have been numbered in Cologne. Cologne’s sports director Horst Held claimed the week was a success. After the failure, Held said one The skyInterview in short notice.

Fungal had already coached the Cologne team during the 2002/03 promotion season. The 67-year-old is set to prevent his seventh FC exit in club history in the remaining six games. The player announced his coaching career after leaving Fortuna Dசsseldorf at the end of January 2020.

Twinkle was already considered a “firefighter” in January

Recently, Twinkle pointed out CHECK24 Double pass Ann SPORT1 However, reconsider. “I will not refuse to help with a short notice at some point if interested” Fungal said a Bundesliga team should ask him in mid-March.

It was only last Friday that Funkel reaffirmed his basic interest. “If you have anything to clarify to me, you will definitely come to me,” he told the Reinich Post. “I already said once that I would like to stand out once again. You have to see if a plan can really be realized when the time comes. I do not have to accept anything anymore, I can. I mean a tremendous luxury.”

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Funkel has already prosecuted Schalke this season, as he did in January CHECK24 Double pass Betrayed. “FC had contact with Schalke through an intermediary a few weeks ago,” Funkel explained: “That was a few weeks ago.

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To SPORT1If Kistol had been fired, by the end of January the information would have already been “firefighter” information. However, he later got his head out of the hoop again and again in trend-setting games. However, it did not win the game against a straight-out rival from Mainz on Sunday evening.

After the initial deficit of Jean-Paul Bodias (11th), the Cologne team changed the game to Andrzej Duda (43rd / penalty) and Ellis Scree (61st). But Karim Onisivo (65th) and Leandro Barriro (90th + 2) drowned Cologne in a valley of tears. (You can read the game on LIVETICKER)

1. F.C. after bankruptcy against Mines at serious risk of deportation. Coln

After the final whistle, the FC experts sank to the ground, with Jonas Hector bending over the board a few minutes behind the goal. Coach Kistol made a small fold of respect, clapping his players and trying to wake them up.

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“It was back and forth, of course we played to win 2-2 and we felt we could have scored three points,” Kistall said as soon as the final whistle was over, still fighting: “Now we have to straighten up quickly. We have six more games,” We can discipline a lot more. Nothing is still possible. I can not blame my boys. “

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The Cologne team, without winning eight games, is in serious danger of being eliminated. Appendix in Tables-16. Armenia Peelfeld three points. (Service: Bundesliga Results and Schedule)

Kistol has been coach of FC Coln since November 2019.


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