WHO reports new case of avian influenza in China

Another case of bird flu has been discovered in China.

Another avian A (H5N6) influenza infection was confirmed in China on March 15 by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), which then notified the World Health Organization (WHO).

The victim, a female from Huizhou City in the Guangdong Province, showed symptoms on Feb. 20; she was hospitalized two days later. She has been in critical condition ever since and was confirmed to have H5N6 on March 15. 

China continually keeps watch for more cases of the infection, in addition to researching treatment. It also provides information to the public. 

WHO has reported that although the infection is severe, it does not transmit human to human -- and thus is not of concern for international transmission. Ultimately, the best way to avoid becoming infected in a confirmed country is to keep away from poultry farms, birds in markets, and areas in which a bird may have defecated or been slaughtered. 

WHO hopes to continually obtain information on surveillance and patterns of H5N6 to better understand the infection.

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