Experts recommend preventative measures in light of Zika threat

Experts have recommended various preventative measures to protect against the growing Zika concern.

As the Zika virus continues to sweep across Latin America, cases have begun to appear in the United States, as well. 

Experts believe that the virus will eventually have a serious impact on the U.S.

The virus is typically transferred by mosquitoes, but recently the virus has been sexually transmitted, which makes it that much deadlier.

One of the main issues with the virus is what it does to women and their newborns. The virus can cause microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with unusually small heads. The baby is born, but the head stops growing, which leads to poor growth in the brain. This can cause other developmental issues, as well. Brazil has been reporting a series of cases since 2015.

Doctors can test a baby’s head by measuring the circumference of the baby’s brain.

The best way for women to protect themselves from the virus is by using mosquito repellent, as well as by wearing light clothing. A mosquito net is also important when sleeping.

Perhaps the most important preventative measure is to remove any nearby mosquito breeding sites. Pools of water and lakes are often home to mosquito larvae.

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