Nearly 50 percent of U.S. doctors anticipate Zika outbreak

Forty-nine percent of doctors in the U.S. believe a Zika virus outbreak will occur.

Sermo has announced that, according to a recent survey, 49 percent of doctors in the United States believe that a Zika virus outbreak will take place.

The doctors indicated that an outbreak could only be prevented with a decrease in travel to affected areas and an increase in research funding. Of the doctors surveyed, just 22 percent believe that the Zika virus will be contained with the current measures.

“It is our assessment that sustained epidemic transmission of Zika in the U.S. is highly unlikely except for potential transmission in local areas in California, Texas and Florida, where there are large populations of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes,” Dr. James Wilson, of the Nevada State Infectious Disease Forecast Station, School of Community Health Science, University of Nevada-Reno, said. “However, I believe the Zika virus is a national security issue, and all fertile adults should be cautious in traveling abroad.”

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