Dutch researchers team up to combat antibiotic-resistant viruses

Multiple Dutch researchers have teamed up to combat antibiotic-resistant viruses.

Dutch researchers from the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Erasmus MC, Wageningen UR, University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University are teaming up to fight antibiotic-resistant viruses.

The team of researchers will work from a virtual research center called the Netherlands Centre for One Health, which opened on Feb. 4.

The recent outbreak of viruses, such as Zika, is alarming to the researchers. In Holland, it’s not common for doctors to overprescribe antibiotics, but around the world it is more common.

This is leading to quite a few perseverant viruses. This is alarming to countries that have dense populations, such as the Netherlands.

“The establishment of the Netherlands Centre for One Health -- a world first -- demonstrates that we can consolidate our strengths in human health, in animal health and in the environment,” Edith Schippers, Dutch minister of health, welfare and sports, said. “It is a major and important step.”

The goal of the new center will be to focus on beating viruses before they arrive, which means developing new types of antibiotics and treatments. Researchers will look at fighting viruses that affect both animals and people.

“By combining all scientific knowledge, we are able to make breakthroughs faster in the field of emerging infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance,” Anton Pijpers, one of the initiators of the NCOH, said. “An example is the development of new vaccines, new antibiotics or alternatives.”

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