UV disinfecting robot to launch at infection prevention conference in Kenya

UV disinfecting robot to launch at infection prevention conference in Kenya. | Courtesy of Xenex Technology
Serenus Biotherapeutics plans to launch its Xenex ultraviolet (UV) pulsing disinfection system at the Infection Prevention Network - Kenya conference (IPNET-K) this week. 

The robot, known as the Xenex Germ-Zapping-Robot, is currently utilized in hospitals in the U.S., Europe and Canada. The company states that it is capable of eliminating highly contagious bacteria and other pathogens that are found in health care settings. Many units are utilized to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAI).

"Dangerous microorganisms lurk on high-touch surfaces throughout health care facilities,” Mark Stibich, chief scientific officer of Xenex, said. “Xenex's pulsed xenon UV technology has been repeatedly proven to destroy the pathogens that make patients sick. I'm looking forward to presenting the very successful results of our recent study on the Ebola virus at the IPNET-K conference and to discussing how Xenex technology can and should be part of a hospital's high risk pathogen response."

Serenus CEO Menghis Bairu said that HAIs are considered to be a threat to the health of developing countries as they continue to gain immunities to drugs and cleaning chemicals.

"We have an opportunity to make a substantial impact on the quality of health care in Africa with the Xenex pulsed xenon UV disinfection robot, which is proven technology that is saving lives by eliminating the deadly microorganisms that cause infections in the health care setting," Bairu said.

Serenus' presentation at the conference will also detail the robot's ability to eliminate the Ebola virus.

The conference takes place today through Sunday at the Enasahipai Hotel in Naivasha, Kenya.

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