HIARNG, Malaysian Army medics take part in Keris Aman exercise

Members of the Hawaii Army National Guard and Malaysian Army medical personnel took part in first response training during Exercise Keris Aman. | Courtesy of DVIDS
Members of the Hawaii Army National Guard and medical personnel from the Malaysian Army took part in Exercise Keris Aman 2015 on Wednesday.

The exercise is an international peacekeeping training event that is jointly hosted by the U.S. Pacific Command and the Malaysian Armed Forces. 29 countries had representatives in attendance.

U.S. Staff Sgt. Denis Wisniewski explains that this joint exercise was an additional scenario on top of the Keris Aman exercises. This training was focused on splinting, controlling hemorrhaging and ensuring that a patient is able to breathe through opening airway practices and triage practice. The exercise consisted of a classroom
setting and four hands on stations.

While the main purpose of this training is to familiarize and train medical personnel so that they can treat patients and casualties in an appropriate manner, it also served to enhance relations between partner nations.

“I was fortunate enough to have participated in the Global Peace Operations Initiative Exercise last year in Indonesia, and we build a lot of good relationships,” Wisniewski said. “When we came to Malaysia this year we saw a lot of familiar faces and they remembered us. We hope our training is going to help them."