Stein retires after 27 years of U.S. Army service

Col. Robert Stein speaks during his retirement ceremony, he served as the operations officer of the 20th CBRNE Command. | Courtesy of the Aberdeen Proving Ground / Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System
Col. Robert Stein retired from the U.S. Army on July 2 at the Aberdeen Proving Ground following a 27-year career.

Stein served as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations for the 20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Command. During the ceremony celebrating his career, Brig. Gen William King, the commanding general of the unit, praised the work and accomplishments of Stein during his work in the armed forces. Along with his work with the CBRNE Command, he also served in combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and he held numerous leadership roles during his military career.

The 20th CBRNE Command facilitates the U.S. Army's response to weapons and other threats that fall under the CBRNE category and providing prevention and countermeasures against these kinds of threats. They also manage elimination operations of weapons of mass destruction. While their main focus is on overseas contingencies and in war fighting situations, they also support homeland defense operations and maintain working partnerships with CBRNE response assets of the armed forces, federal and state governments. They are also active in the research and development of technologies relating to response to CBRNE threats.

During his speech, Stein thanked family members for their support and urged soldiers to continue their service.