Fairfield emergency management team conducts preparedness exercise

Fairfield Emergency Management Team members participate in a full-scale emergency preparedness exercise. | Courtesy of the Town of Fairfield, Ct.
The emergency management team of Fairfield, Connecticut, completed a full-scale preparedness exercise, the town announced on Wednesday.

“This exercise was another opportunity for the Town of Fairfield and our health department to practice emergency preparedness procedures to be better prepared to serve and protect the residents of Fairfield,” Selectman Mike Tetreau said.

The exercise involved a simulation of what would happen if an outbreak or mass exposure of anthrax were to occur in public. Officials from the town's government including the Health Department, Recreation Department, volunteers, Public Works and the Fire and Police Departments were in attendance.

This exercise focused on the "Drive-Thru Point of Dispensing" method of dispensing antibiotics, antiviral medications and other forms of medical treatment. This method has been shown to be effective in areas with high population density. Because recipients are located within their vehicles, this method also limits the spread of disease as citizens receive the appropriate medical countermeasures.

According to the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), a municipality should dispense medicine to the population within 48 hours in the case of an emergency. In a pamphlet NACCHO states that the drive-thru method also requires fewer staff and is more efficient than other dispensary methods.

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