CONUS Replacement Center offers strategic missions training

Army Reserve drill sergeant, Sgt. Robert Benavente, 95th Training Division (IET), provides some extra coaching to a Soldier preparing to deploy while firing the M9 at McGregor range in New Mexico. | Courtesy of the U.S. Army
A report from the Defense Video and Imagery Distribution Center details the CONUS Replacement Center's (CRC) training activity for soldiers and others that will be deployed on strategic missions.

The CRC serves as a one-stop training facility and offers training and refresher course to individuals that will be deployed, as well as those sent on military or Department of Defense missions. Both active duty service members and civilians gain information and training in areas related to defense against biological or chemical weapons, weapons training and field techniques to keep someone alive.

“We work hard to provide the latest training requirements to service members and civilians, so they are prepared for theater when they get to where they’re going,” First Lieutenant Jesus Cruz Barraca, executive officer, 95th Training Division (IET), said.

Because the CRC manages training operations for both active duty soldiers and civilians, the center utilizes Army Reserve members due to their experience in and outside of the military.

“I think communication is the hardest thing that we deal with out here," Sergeant Robert Benevente, Army Reserve drill sergeant, 95th Training Division (IET), said. "The way you have to talk to the civilians and some of the Reserve service members that come through here is a lot different than talking to a Soldier in basic training.”

The center also manages transition and preparation for soldiers returning from active duty.

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