Liberty University holds bioterror simulation

Liberty University partnered with the Virginia State Police to host a simulated bioterrorism attack at the Vines Center on Saturday, March 28. | Courtesy of Liberty University
Students and faculty of the Department of Biology and Chemistry and the Helms School of Government at Liberty University participated in a bioterror simulation in partnership with the Virginia State Police on Saturday.
The simulation included having participants set up meters that could detect chemical or biological agents. They also were taken to the Vines Center where foggers simulated the release of biological agents.
Participants were then tasked with determining the nature of the agent and to respond accordingly. The simulation was led by Virginia State Police Counter Terrorism and Criminal Interdiction Unit Agent Kevin Richards.
“I consider providing this hands-on experience to students to be a privilege,” Richards said. “Providing them with this simulation has given them real-life experience that they can use in class and in future career endeavors.”
Liberty University Director of Forensic Sciences J. Thomas McClintock said that the event provided hands-on experience with new technology and equipment they would not easily have access to in the classroom.
“We have really tried to make sure the students in our programs are prepared to enter the job market with the best possible skill set," McClintock said. "The more exposure they see while they are in school, the more job opportunities they will have when they graduate."