Smiths Detection Inc. will present at International Association of Fire Chiefs event

Smiths Detection Inc. will present at International Association of Fire Chiefs event | Courtesy of

Smiths Detection Inc. (SDI) has chosen Chris Weber, the company’s hazardous materials expert, to give two presentations at the International Association of Fire Chief’s Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference 2015.

Weber and Richard Dufek, a battalion chief from Carmel, Indiana, will collaborate to present their first topic, Tactical Chemistry for Emergency Responders. They will demonstrate how chemistry affects product behavior and both detects and identifies various unknown materials. Included in this presentation will be the best practices, techniques and tools for responding to hazardous materials and a demonstration of their instructions for various hazmat scenarios and chemical identification exercises.

Dr. Weber will partner with John Meyers, a retired Drug Enforcement Agency chemist, to deliver the second presentation: Illicit Labs: What Could They Be Making? They will discuss the inner workings, handling and functions of various illicit drugs, chemical warfare agents and explosives, and discuss differences between the materials, methods and tools SDI uses in its identification and detection equipment that are deemed instrumental in safely deconstructing illicit laboratories.

Weber's submissions were chosen from among 150 presentations submitted to the organizers of the event.

“Sharing our expertise with and learning from the emergency response community demonstrates SDI’s continued commitment to providing first responders with the tools and training needed to help them remain safe while protecting and serving their communities,” SDI President Terry Gibson said. 

SDI has its U.S. headquarters in Edgewood, Maryland, and partners with federal and state government agencies and first responders to strengthen homeland security and safeguard the military.