Pertexa's RITA web robot aims to keep doctors connected

Pertexa's Robotic Intellegent Tele-health Assistant aims to keep doctors connected to web anywhere they are. | Courtesy of Pertexa and PR Newswire

Pertexa launched a new machine on Thursday that aims to help doctors access Internet articles and resources in hospitals and research facilities.

The Robotic Intelligent Tele-health Assistant (RITA) is a robot that has monitors and wireless-connection capabilities to allow medical personnel to utilize a portable user-friendly media system.

"Providers have been waiting for information technologies that are more intuitive, simpler and interoperable," Dr. Earl Ferguson, medical director of Pertexa, said.

RITA aims to give physicians more flexibility in their treatment approaches, and even treat patients remotely, which can be especially beneficial when treating patients with highly contagious and dangerous infections, such as Ebola, or responding to bio-terrorism incidents. The system also will be able to aid medical professionals in staying up to date on regulations and treatment options that are continuously changing.

The launch of the machine also should create jobs and opportunities for the Indian Wells Valley region in California.

"The success of Pertexa depends equally on the pool of available workers we have in our valley, and is part of the formula that will make the company strong and economic growth of the region possible," Ron Kicinski, CEO of TOSS, Inc., a staffing service company and Pertexa partner, said.