CommandWear, Pebble create smartwatch for emergency response

A paramedic sports the Pebble-powered CommandWear smartwatch and multimedia device. | Courtesy of CommandWear

CommandWear Systems (CWS) said on Thursday that it's rolling out a new smartwatch that features the company's situational awareness and multimedia platform.

The watch's hardware has been developed by Pebble, a smartwatch manufacturer. CWS' application "Communicator" is tailored to emergency management and response teams. The application allows emergency personnel to communicate with dispatchers and other team members with hands-free capabilities. The application features two-way messaging through the watch.

During initial tests with first-response teams, the watch's tactile-alert function was demonstrated, in case a normal alert tone is drowned out. The messages were clear and could be read with a glance. The watch itself was commended for its durability and waterproof feature.

“It’s exciting to see Pebble become a part of the enterprise,” Shobeir Shobeiri, a member of Pebble's business development team, said. “But it is even more inspiring for us to witness Pebble’s role in CommandWear’s public safety solutions, providing fire, ambulance and police officers with more reliable and effective situational awareness capabilities that help protect communities and themselves in times of crisis.”

The CommandWear platform can be synched with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.