Tekmira Pharmaceuticals receives approval to distribute Ebola treatments

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval to distribute Ebola treatment.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp. announced on Monday that it received FDA approval to provide TKM-Ebola treatment to patients with the Ebola virus.

Mark J. Murray, the President and CEO of Tekmira, said that by working closely with regulators in the United States and Canada, Tekmira has established a framework for treatment protocol that will allow the company to provide any help it can to the afflicted subjects.

"We have already responded to requests for the use of our investigational agent in several patents under emergency protocols in an effort to help these patients, a goal we share with the FDA and Health Canada," Murray said.

TKM-Ebola has already been administered to a number of affected patients, and thus far has been received fairly well. Though Tekmira has set up a distribution framework, it is worth noting that use of the drug through expanded access does not constitute a clinical trial.

"Our TKM-Ebola drug supplies are limited, but we will continue to help where we can, as we continue to focus on the other important objectives we have to advance therapies to meet the unmet needs of patients," Murray said.

Tekmira is a biopharmaceutical company with an emphasis on advancing RNAi therapeutics.