Twelve-Year Hacking Operation Uncovered

A group of hackers has gone undetected for more than a decade, stealing sensitive biological information.

A group of hackers that operated for 12 years without detection was recently uncovered.

The group has broken into more than 300 banks, corporations and governments in Germany, Switzerland and Austria over the past dozen years. Security company CyberTinel finally noticed and stopped the attacks. The heist is coming to be called the Harkonnen Operation.

The information stolen was of highest security, and the damage inflicted is being called "immeasurable."

"We're talking about things like studies on biological warfare and nuclear physics, infrastructure security plans, corporate financial documents," Kobi Ben-Naim, an associate from CyberTinel, said, according to Sky News.

By setting up false companies in the U.K. and avoiding detection by U.K. internet regulators, the hackers hid themselves amongst their victims' computers and spied on their networks. CyberTinel has obtained the identity of the hackers.

Cyber-security firms expect that other European companies will discover they have been hacked, Sky News reports.